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Beautiful, glowing skin and shiny, healthy hair are not only a joy to behold, but are also a sign that your body is well nourished and happy.

Whilst it is crucial you support your skin and hair from outside with treatments such as conditioning hair masks, facial oils and moisturizers, what you eat can have a dramatic effect on your complexion and the health of your hair too.

Protein is your body’s main building block and it aids muscle growth and repair. However, protein also plays an important role in nurturing your skin and hair. Eating a diet rich in protein can help to prevent wrinkles and spots, as well as strengthening and nourishing your hair.


Your skin needs collagen to look plump and healthy. Collagen is responsible for thickening your skin and keeping it clear, and it gives structure to your skin tissue. However, this means that as you get older your collagen levels start to break down and decline. As a result your skin becomes looser and less elastic, and wrinkles start to appear more pronounced as the ageing process takes hold.

Protein is full of the amino acids which create collagen in your body. So eating a diet rich in protein is essential if you want to boost and fortify your collagen levels and keep your skin looking smooth, clear and free from wrinkles. Our bodies need 21 different types of amino acids in order to function correctly, but we are not able to produce amino acids so it is important they are sourced from nutritionally rich foods.


Your hair is actually made of protein, so it is no surprise that to nurture and care for your hair you need to eat a diet rich in protein. Not eating enough could result in your hair becoming weak, brittle and dry, and in extreme circumstances diets which are particularly low in protein can result in hair loss.

Healthy hair also benefits from a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are found mainly in oily fish, as well as avocado and some nuts, including walnuts. The cells which line your scalp contain omega-3 fatty acids, and these comprise the oils which keep your hair and scalp healthy and hydrated.

The best protein-rich foods include lean turkey and chicken, fish and seafood, dairy products and eggs. Other vegetarian sources of protein include tofu, nuts and legumes, beans and pulses. All protein-rich foods are also an excellent source of many essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

In addition, it is important you eat a balanced diet by including plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as unrefined and ‘whole’ carbohydrates, including brown rice, whole meal bread and pasta, quinoa and other natural grains. Furthermore, if you eat meat, then you must make certain you include vegetarian protein sources too so that your cholesterol levels are lowered.

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