4 Ways to Nurture Your Inner Beauty

Last updated on October 18th, 2023 at 05:33 pm

Did you know that if you connected to your inner beauty, then the way you feel, behave, and even look can completely transform? I know this may sound a little bit confusing, especially when society is so used to accepting someone by his or her status, intelligence, profession, and physical beauty. You may be wondering where does inner beauty fit in all of this?

Well inner beauty is profoundly more important than what you physically see on the outside. Inner beauty is something that you must acknowledge, nurture, and cherish. The way you feel about yourself on the inside is fundamental in helping you to feel good about yourself. When you nurture and love yourself, your inner beauty starts to shine through on the outside, transforming the way you treat yourself, present yourself, and look.

Have you ever met someone who had so much inner beauty that you could literally feel the energy that was shining through? How radiant they looked when they smiled? Did they look more physically beautiful to you? I have experienced this many times, and it is truly inspiring and soul touching.

Inner beauty is all about how you feel about who you are. It is about unapologetically embracing all that you are, and not resisting or rejecting parts of yourself on a daily basis. Your true beauty is the essence of who you are. How do you think you look to others when you are constantly self-loathing and neglecting yourself? Do you think your inner beauty is shining through? How about when you speak kindly to yourself, when you nurture all parts of yourself, and embrace who you are? Do you think your inner beauty might have a better chance at shining through then?

Most people’s energy is directed into taking care of the way they look on the outside, that they forget to take care of themselves on the inside.  Follow these four tips and start to acknowledge, nurture and take care of yourself on the inside so your inner beauty can start to shine through.

1. Love + Appreciate Yourself – In front of the mirror, place your hand on your heart, look into your eyes, and acknowledge something wonderful about yourself. Whether it is a quality you love about yourself, or something you did today that you are proud of, acknowledge it and feel good about it.

2. Be real and authentic! Be yourself! There is nothing uglier than trying to be someone your not. You are unique for the multitude of qualities you bring to this world, and this should be celebrated. Be who you are, no matter what that looks like. Be crazy, silly, funny, extroverted, introverted – whatever it is unapologetically BE it – don’t hide it.

3. Be Compassionate, and Kind – Nothing brings out negativity, and ugliness quicker then when you judge or speak negatively about another person, or pick at a person’s faults. Focus on something positive about another person, and be compassionate and kind! Your compassion and kindness to others shines through from a mile away.

4. Surround yourself with people you love – You are the company you keep. The people you hang around with can have a profound effect on who you are. So remember to surround yourself with people who have qualities that you love, not just because they look beautiful, or are popular at school.

What qualities do you admire about them? Is it their gentle, sweet, giving, caring nature that you love? Or is it their carefree, fun, silly attitude you are attracted to? When you surround yourself with people who have this inner beauty, your inner beauty tends to shine through too!

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